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T-Drill Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and provides them with an opportunity to influence the processing of their personal data. The Privacy Policy informs T-Drill Oy’s customers of their personal data processing.

We are committed to handling your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws. Our policy on the processing of personal data may change as our business evolves or if there are changes in the law, so please read this Privacy Policy from time to time.

The data we collect is obtained from user-provided information, how we perceive their usage of our web services, and analytically derived from that.

The main uses of personal data are:

  • Providing the best customer experience and developing it
  • Improving marketing
  • Development of our customer and online services.

The Controller and its contact details:

T-Drill Oy (Business ID: 0548785-8)
Ampujantie 32
66400 Laihia

For any questions about the processing of personal data and its protection, you can contact our Customer Service (sales(at)

What information can we gather and from which sources?

We collect personal information primarily from the users themselves, when they are using our services and website ‒ for example by users filling out electronic forms. Information is also collected through “cookies” and other similar technologies. For example, we may gather personal information through:

  • Identification information, such as the name of the user, the name of the employer / company
  • Contact information, such as address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Information derived from the use of the website and its analysis
  • Website usage, browsing information and terminal identifier information.

For which purposes is your personal data used?

Your personal data is used for:

  • Keeping and maintaining customer relationships
  • Delivering, processing and archiving of orders
  • Developing T-Drill Oy’s operations and services
  • Improving customer experience
  • Statistical purposes
  • Providing more personalized targeted content and marketing
  • Preventing abuse
  • Providing better customer service

The personal data is processed based on the relationship between the customer and T-Drill Oy, the use of the website or a separate explicit consent of the customer. We may also process personal data to meet statutory obligations.

How do we keep and protect your personal data?

All personal data is protected against unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, transfer or other unauthorized conduct.

The personal data we collect and handle will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, other than those in need of their own data or on a confidential and limited basis, on the basis of our contracts, to our affiliates and partners.

We have good privacy practices in handling and processing personal data. Also, in processing of personal data, the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation as of May 25th 2018 are taken into account.

Who handles your personal data?

Without exemption, customer information is only accessible to our own employees and staff, who have been trained to use the information safely and ethically.

The company responsible for managing personal data is:

T-Drill Oy (Business ID: 0548785-8)
Ampujantie 32
66400 Laihia

How long will your data be stored for?

We only keep your personal data for the time needed to complete the uses described in this policy. In addition, some data may be stored longer to the extent necessary to implement the statutory obligations, such as accounting responsibilities, and to demonstrate their proper implementation.

At the customer’s request, personal data relating to them may be removed or anonymised from T-Drill Oy’s systems and no longer used for the purposes listed in the policy.

For some data, legislation imposes obligations for long-term storage ‒ for example for the following purposes:

  • The Accounting Act demands that related information is stored for longer retention periods, regardless of whether the material contains personal data or not.
  • System logs are collected and stored, as required by law, so that we can provide a legitimate and secure online service to our customers.
  • Taking adequate backups from databases and systems to ensure data protection, error correction as well as security and continuity verification.

What kind of rights and opportunities do you have?

As a customer you are entitled to:

  • Have access to your personal data, including the right to receive a copy of your personal data
  • Ask for correction or deletion of your personal data
  • Prohibit direct marketing
  • Under certain conditions, request a processing limitation or object to the processing of your personal data

In addition, if the processing is based on a separate consent, the customer is entitled to withdraw their consent at any time. Please note that this does not affect the lawfulness of data processing before withdrawal of consent.

Please contact our customer service to claim your rights. The request must be sufficiently identified so that our customer service can verify your identity. If we cannot satisfy your request, such as removing all the data for which we have a statutory obligation or right to retain them, we’ll let you know.

If you consider that processing of your personal data is inadequate or is not lawful, you can also file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Data Protection Officer).

How do you get the information stored in our systems?

You can request the data stored on our systems by contacting our customer service: sales(at)

Please refer to Chapter 3. “What information can we gather and from which sources?” for more detailed information about personal data we collect.

How can you influence your personal data?

T-Drill Oy is committed to providing its customers with the opportunity to influence the collection and use of their personal data.

You may, at any time, request that T-Drill Oy deletes your customer information and personal data, by contacting our customer service.

Please note! In some cases, not all data can be removed as legislation may require us to retain some of your customer-related information.

Will your personal data be disclosed to third parties?

Without exemption, your personal data will be processed by employees of our company in the performance of their duties. We will provide some necessary information to third parties to ensure delivery and marketing.

You may limit the disclosure of your personal data for marketing purposes by requiring it separately.

If necessary, we will disclose information at the request of the authorities. We will always inform you of any such request, if it is permitted by the law.

Is there an obligation to provide information and what are the consequences of non-disclosure?

Much of our services, such as our website, can be used without personal information, however, in some cases, the use of our services may require its provision.

Does T-Drill Oy use “cookies” on their website and what are they?

We use “cookies” on our website to provide you with the best user experience. “Cookies” are short text files that a web server stores on a user’s terminal. “Cookies” provide us with information on how users use our website.

We may use “cookies” to develop our services and websites, analyze the use of the website, and target and optimize marketing. A website user may consent to or deny the use of “cookies” in their web browser settings. Most web browsers allow “cookies” automatically. Please note that blocking “cookies” may limit the functionality of our website.

We also use other tools, such as Google Analytics. This helps us to better understand the behavior of our customers, it tells us which products are of interest to them and which functions and services are most useful.

The information used in the analysis is anonymous whenever possible. Otherwise, we will deal with personal data as long as the tag contains client identifying information, such as an IP address. Also, tags that are linked to a customer in some way are treated as personal data.


Can this privacy policy be changed?

Due to possible changes in services and legislation, we reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy. Significant changes to the policy will be reported to registered customers when the terms are updated.

Where can you contact us?

For any question regarding Privacy Policy or marketing, you can contact our Customer Service at:

T-Drill Oy
Ampujantie 32, 66400 Laihia
sales(at) / tel. +358 (0)6 475 3333

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