The T-DRILL Payback Period Calculator

Want to find out how much you can save with the T-DRILL method? With the handy Payback Period Calculator you can easily compare the costs of traditional T-piece welding with the T-DRILL method. See how fast the payback period of a T-DRILL machine investment is!

The T-DRILL Collaring method significantly reduces the need for material, labor and time – making pipe jointing more efficient than ever!

Check out the long list of benefits of the T-DRILL METHOD:

  • Production cost reductions of up to 80%
  • No need for T-pieces, no costly inventories
  • Less waste material
  • Remarkably faster through-put times
  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • Fewer welding seams needed
  • Only one brazed joint instead of three
  • Improved product strength, flow, and brazing characteristics
  • Applicable to almost all malleable materials including stainless steel, CuNi, aluminum alloys, and copper

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Payback Period Calculator

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    Choose currency

    Maximum T-size

    Select the maximun collar size and we recommend the machine accordingly.

    Welder cost / hour

    Approximate hourly wage of a local welder.


    T-part price

    Estimated price for the required single T-piece.


    Inspection class

    If X-ray inspections are required, select the class accordingly.

    Class I - 100% X-ray

    Class II - 10% X-ray

    Class III - 0% X-ray. If inspection X-ray is not needed, please choose Class III (0%).

    Inspection cost

    Inspection cost per weld.




    Investment pays back after

    Recommended machine below.
    The calculation determines how much the need for welding is reduced and the purchase of t-pieces is eliminated. This creates fewer welding seams and therefore is more sustainable.

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