Flanging approvals

T-DRILL Flanging method is approved e.g. by:

Collaring approvals

T-DRILL Collaring method has been accepted, e.g. by:

Approvals for portable copper applications


  • ASME B31.9 – Building Services Piping – Section 930.2 Mechanically Formed Extruded Outlets
  • ASME B31.5 – Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components Section 504.3.1 (h) Mechanically Formed Tee Connections in Copper Materials (types K, L, M)
  • ASPE Plumbing Engineer Design Handbook – Vol. 4, Chapter 2 – Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings for Copper Tube
  • ASTM F 2014-00 – Standard Specification for Non-reinforced Extruded Tee Connections for Piping Applications
  • California Plumbing Code – 606.1.3 Mechanically Formed Tee Fitting
  • California Mechanical Code – 1201. Mechanically Formed Tee Fitting
  • National Plumbing Code of Canada – Section (1) Extracted Tees
  • EPCOT Plumbing Code – Section 605.15.5 Mechanically Formed Tee Connections
  • IAPMO PS 85-2019 – Tools for Mechanically Formed Tee Connections
  • IAPMO – File # 1935 Since 1979
  • International Plumbing Code – Section 605.5.1 Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings
  • International Mechanical Code – Section 1203.3.8 Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings
  • NFPA 13 – Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • NFPA 99 – Health Care Facilities Section Mechanically formed, drilled and extruded tee-branch
  • MasterSpec  (AIA) Basic 15060
  • National Standard Plumbing Code – Section Mechanically Formed Tee Branches
  • Unified Facilities Guide Specification
    Division 22 – Plumbing, Section 22 00 00, part  Copper Tube Extracted Joint
    Section  22 00 07, Plumbing Healthcare Facilities, part 3.5.6.c Mechanically Extracted Joint
    Division 23 – HVAC, Section 23 52 00 Heating Boilers, part Copper Tube Extracted Joint
    Section 23 57 10.00 10 Forced Hot Water Heating, part 2.2.10 Extracted Brazed Tee
    Section 23 57 10.00 10 Forced Hot Water Heating, part 3.5.9 Mechanical Tee Joint
    Section 23 70.0300 10 Heating and Utility Systems, part Copper Tube Extracted Joint
  • Uniform Plumbing Code – Section 605.3.3.1 Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings
  • Uniform Mechanical Code – Section 1201.3.2.5 Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings
  • Veterans Administration
    Facility Water Distribution – Section 22 11 00, part 2.2.B.4 Mechanically Formed Tee Connection
    HVAC Hydronic Piping – Section 23 21 13,  part 2.4.A.3 Mechanically Formed Tee Connection


ASME B31.9 CODE FOR PRESSURE PIPING, Section 930.2 Mechanically Formed Extruded Outlets in Copper Tube

The approval is subject to the following additional conditions:

  1. Mechanically formed extruded outlets shall be perpendicular to the axis of the run tube (header). They shall be formed by drilling a pilot hole and drawing out the tube surface to form a collar having a height of not less than three times the thickness of the branch wall.
  2. Branch tubes shall not restrict the flow in the run tube. To ensure this by conforming the branch tube to the shape of the inner curve of the run tube, a dimple / depth stop shall be formed in the branch tube to ensure that penetration into the collar is of the correct depth.  For inspection purposes, a second dimple shall be placed 0.25 inch above the first dimple. Dimples shall be aligned with the tube run.
  3.  Branches can be formed up to the run tube size as shown in ASTM F 2014. Forming procedures shall be in accordance with the tool manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Joints shall be made with the use of approved brazing alloys BCup2 thru BCup5 (0-15% silver content). brazed with a filler that has a melting point above 540 deg Centigrade ( 1000 deg F). Soft soldered joints are not allowed.
  5. K, L, M and DWV copper types allowed.
  6. Soft and Hard copper allowed.
  7. Each model used for making branch connections shall be permanently marked with manufacturer’s name and appropriate model number.
  8. Mechanically formed extruded outlets can (but not limited to) be used on commercial and residential buildings.
  9. Fitter / Plumber shall be trained and certified to operate the equipment.

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