Stainless Process Pipes

Water treatment, Food and Dairy, Pharma and Chemical industry

T-DRILL machinery is used in several different industry sectors where the use of stainless steel piping is common.

Process piping in stainless steel frequently results in the need for multiple outlets in a common distribution or collection manifold. There is no better way to manufacture such a manifold than the T-DRILL process using our model TEC-220, T-115 or SEC-115 Collaring Machines. Flanges are easily made with F-series Flanging Machines (F-200, F-400 or F-420e).

Stainless Process Pipes

Water and waste-water treatment systems consist of many different components such as reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and nano-filtration systems, ultraviolet disinfection arrays and ozone generating systems as well as of various pumping systems that connect all these component. These various systems and subsystems have many things in common. They all have several manifolds feeding raw water to many components, collecting permeate from them and removing the concentrate. Each individual filter housing or ultraviolet lamp housing has two or more openings that also are good candidates for the T-DRILL process. Multiple pumps are connected by suction and discharge headers.

There are many uses for this same filtration process in the dairy industry. The removal of water from milk and the subsequent concentration of whey use the same process as above. Another common use is in the Clean-In-Place systems installed in food, dairy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to clean out the piping and components between production batches. The construction of heat exchangers for many different applications from marine to food is another common use. The commercial brewery business is also an area that sees significant advantages when using T-DRILL.

One of the many advantages of using the T-DRILL process is that it minimizes the distortion of pipe that heat causes where nozzle welding is used. A liquid level measuring device having a float moving inside a tube has very small clearances and any tube distortion causes a problem with the float. T-DRILL eliminates that problem.


Most commonly used technologies:

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