HVACR Applications

Typically T-DRILL systems are used in producing tubular components within air conditioning/refrigeration, heat pumps, heat recovery, heat exchangers, and solar panels manufacturing.

kokoelmaAir conditioning manufactures use our tube cut-off line, as well as T-DRILL branching system in the production of heat exchanger manifolds and heat recovery systems. The components that require tube end closing can be manufactured with Tube End Spinners thus saving money on end caps and labor costs. Tube cutting in water heaters and boilers can be made by TCC-28 Cutting Machine, tube end closing by the SP-55 Spinning Machine, and tube branching by S-54 Collaring Machine. The same can be applied to the manufacturing of heat pumps.

In the manufacturing of Flat plate solar collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors several T-DRILL types of machinery are used. Both types of collectors may utilize the S-54 MFT or S-54 AFT Tube Collaring Machines and Tube End Spinner machinery as well as our high-speed Tube Cut-Off machines.


Most commonly used technologies:

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