Automotive Industry

T-DRILL offers a wide range of Collaring and Cutting Machines for fabrication of tubes within Automotive Industry. 

The machinery is designed for innovative and cost-effective solutions for fluid carrying systems for heating and cooling, fuel and brake lines, and power steering tubing.

T-DRILL Automotive car background

The T-DRILL S-56 (Collaring/Branching) and the TCC-series of Chipless Tube Cutting machines are ideal for efficient fabrication of the following automotive parts:

  • Fuel rails and components
  • Fittings for oil and fuel
  • High pressure pipes for gasoline injection
  • Brake tubings
  • Power steering lines / tubings
  • Pollution control (lambda sensor)
  • Air conditioning charge ports
  • Cooling tubes
  • Air conditioning heat exchanger
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds

The T-DRILL collaring method enables reliable and easy T-joining of tubes. This has vital importance for automotive coupled tube applications, because every vehicle is subject to severe vibrations that can create leakages and other problems with traditionally made jointing methods or, in the worst case, just a plain drilled hole.

The brazed joint made on the branch (collar) formed out of the main tube meets the requirement of the lap joint to be three times as long as the thickness of the thinner joint member. This kind of brazed joint is most reliable due to this extra lapping surface.

It is also important to note that T-DRILL’s extruded outlets are formed only outside of the main run tube. This eliminates all flow restrictions that are common with some other forming operations.

S-56 Collaring machines are used in the manufacture of engine a/c systems, fuel rail and high pressure diesel products as well as exhaust cross-over applications and vapor recovery systems.

The T-DRILL range of Automatic Chipless Cutting Machines offer extremely high accuracy with fast production rates for cutting tubes from coil or rackloading systems for multilayered straight tubes. Various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and brake pipe tubing can be cut using either method.

Most commonly used technologies:

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