T-65B Cordless Collaring Machine

Collar sizes: 8–54 mm | NS ½” – 2”
Run tube sizes: 15–108 (163,8 mm) | NS ½” – 4” (6″)
Pipe material: Copper, Copper / Nickel
Work cycle time: 15–60 sec
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Collaring

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T-65B Cordless Heavy Duty Collaring Machine for Copper

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The Heavy Duty T-DRILL T-65B is an easy-to-use, low-noise cordless 28V Lithium-Ion TEE forming machine for professionals. It is an ideal solution for making reducing tee joints in main run tubes. It will give you a competitive advantage by eliminating costs caused by commercial T-fittings.


    • Only one brazed joint
    • No pipe cutting
    • No T-fittings
    • TEE ratio variation flexibility
    • Less chance for leaks or call-backs
    • Minimized inspection cost
    • Improved flow characteristics
    • No costly T-fitting inventories

More about the T-DRILL certification test


Click to download the selected Excel chart below and use your own figures to replace the red ones. The costs by each method will be calculated automatically.

Cost Comparison between Capillary Fittings and T-DRILL Method

Cost Comparison between Press Fittings and T-DRILL Method


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T-65B Cordless Collaring Machine

Capacity Chart for Maximum Run Tube Wall Thickness (run tube size on the left and branch size on the top)

Technical Information


Tee diameter
8–54 mm | NS ½” – 2”
Run tube diameter
15–108 (163,8 mm) | NS ½” – 4” (6″)
Max. wall thickness
See capacity chart | K, L, M tubing
Cycle time
15–60 sec

Spindle rotation speed
0–500/50 rpm

Noice level
82,5 dB (A)

less than 2,5 m/s2

Dimensions of the unit
22.4'' x 4.9'' x 7.0'' (L x D x H)

Weight of the unit
5,4 kg | 12 lbs
Supply voltage
230V / 50Hz
120V / 60 Hz
110V / 50 Hz

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