The T-DRILL certification test

Certification of training is required to operate a T-DRILL tee forming unit by code and the engineering community.

The project engineer and/or inspector can require proof of certification to operate a unit. After completing the following test, a certification card is ready for printing. Your local representative provides onsite training and training material is available in the following links.

T-35 and T-65:

The T-DRILL T-35 is a portable, every plumber's tee forming machine for copper tubes.T-DRILL T-65 SS Portable Collaring Machine for Stainless Steel Branching

Training video:

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Instruction Manuals:



1. T-Drill joints can be T-Drill Joints
2. T-Drill outlets can be performed on
3. When operating with a T-65, annealing needs to be performed with what size and bigger runs (Mains)?
4. Can T-Drill outlets be performed on size-on-size applications?
5. When operating T-Drill outlets which type of lubricant can be used?
6. How to inspect a properly installed T-Drill joint?
7. The T-65 counter plate should be used above what size run (Mains)?
8. Should Size-on-Size outlets be annealed?
9. How to resharpen drill cores?
10. Metal rings that come with a T-35 and T-65 units are for?
11. Before starting to adjust the collaring heads, the forming pins need to be?
12. While the unit is pulling an outlet. Operator should:
13. The stock T-65 has the following nominal size range:
14. The T-PLUS-100 has the following nominal size range:


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