Extend the machine lifetime with modernization

Replacing existing machinery with a new one is often not the only possibility there is. T-DRILL offers modernization solutions for hard- and software, drives, control, and mechanism for all types of T-DRILL products.

When well maintained, machines are usually mechanically in fair condition even after decades of use. However, electrical components are more delicate and evolving to achieve more energy-efficient solutions. We offer electrical update packages even for our legacy models. With these packages, you can continue using your current machine and tools with an updated control system.

The modernizations will increase the lifetime of the machine significantly. Also, spare part availability will be guaranteed for the coming years.

Modernization can be performed at the customer facility or it can be shipped to T-DRILL. You can also ask for a replacement machine from us to keep your production running while your machine is under maintenance.

We have modernizations available for most of the older machines. Modernization enables accessories from the current products to be used in older models.

Please contact us and we will check if the modernization is available for your machine!


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