F-200 Flanging Machine

Chamfering: 21,3–219,1 mm | .840”–8.625” OD
Expansion: Copper: 60–219,1 mm | 2.375”–8.625” OD
Flanging: 21,3–219,1 mm | .840”–8.625” OD
Pipe diameters: 21,3–219 mm | .840”–8.625” OD
Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, CuNi
Machine type
: Industrial machines
Process: End forming

Most commonly used in:

F-200 Flanging Machine for both cold and hot forming

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With the T-DRILL F-200 flanging machine lips and flanges are formed directly on the end of the pipe – a system that saves up to 40 % in time and costs compared with traditional weld neck flange connections.

Advantages of T-DRILL Flanging Machines:

  • Lower workshop costs due to elimination of welding and X-raying
  • Less working capital: no welding neck flange inventory or complex welding and X-raying equipment
  • Loose flanges for quick installation – no difficult bolt-hole positioning.
  • Precise results and constant high quality: no risk of weld or braze fractures
  • Cold and hot forming of long and bent pipes with smooth or grooved flanged surfaces.
  • Programmability for easy operation and practically no need for maintenance.

F-200 meets the major requirements of the chemical and food-processing industries, and of shipbuilding and pipe fabrication in general.

T-DRILL Flanging method is approved e.g. by:


COMPARISON: Welded Fittings vs T-DRILL Collaring & Flanging

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F-200 Flanging Machine

Laipoituskokosuositukset F-200, F-400


F-200 Value
Mains supply200–240 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
400–480 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
Fuse Min 3 x 50, Max 3 x 125 A (200–240 V)
Min. 3 x 35, Max. 3 x 100 A (400–480 V)
Power supply10 kW
Air pressure6 bar (600 kPa) *) | 87 psi *)
Air consumption20 l/min *)
Oxygen2–5 bar (200–500 kPa *) | 29–72 psi *
PropaneMax. 2 bar * | 29 psi *
Hydraulic pressureMax. 120 bar | 1740 psi
Flanging range21,3–219 mm | .840”–8.625” OD
Machine dimensions1 700 x 1 120 x 1 370 mm | 67'' x 44'' x 54'' (L x W x H)
Package dimensions1 700 x 1 120 x 1 370 mm | 67'' x 44'' x 54'' (L x W x H)
Net weight2,700 kg | 5,952 lbs.
Gross weight3,200 kg | 7,055 lbs. (in wooden case)
*) Required only with hot forming system

Note! Above values are intended as a guide only.

*) Required only with hot-forming system

F-200 Flanging Machine


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