High-Speed Automatic Collaring System for Steel Pipes | S-54 Double AFT



T-DRILL S-54 AFT is the fastest industrial collaring machine in the world. The entire process (pilot hole drilling, collaring and trimming) can be done with one tool, in one process – it takes seconds, not minutes.

Many times e.g. in HVAC industry or steel heat exchangers, there are two hole sizes in one pipe to be collared – one bigger inlet and many smaller outlets. In this kind of application T-DRILL S-54 “Double Head AFT” is a perfect solution – with two working tools, both hole sizes can be collared and trimmed in one machine. After this T-DRILL process, the pipe is ready for butt welding.

Sometimes the customer has an extremely high production volume, with also 1:1 collars. Then the collaring process can be done even faster, if customer pre-cuts the pilot holes before the pipes comes to T-DRILL machine. In such a case one collar fabrication time can be even less than 10 seconds!

Key Features:

  • Fastest industrial collaring machine in the world
  • Automatic Collaring System to prepare steel pipes for butt welding
  • Two Collaring Units means extra fast process, since two different collar diameters can be produced in one machine
  • In many applications, only two collar diameter are needed in one pipe and after this one T-DRILL process, the pipe is ready for butt welding
  • Extremely fast 1:1 collaring (from pre-cut pilot holes)
  • Fast and accurate positioning system for pre-cut elliptical pilot holes

S-56 Feed Tables AFT & MFT

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