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Cut costs, improve efficiency , and save a million per year with T-Drill technology.
T-Drill - Productivity as a product
T-DRILL is the globally leading provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. For more than three decades, T-DRILL kept developing solutions for diverse applications in many industries, resulting in countless success stories in more than seventy countries.

Whenever two pipes need to be joined together, T-DRILL is the answer.

Chipless cutting

Clean, Cost-effective and accurate Chipless Cutting Technology (TCC).

Tube end forming

Use T-DRILL technology and achieve new potential in heavy-duty tube end forming and flanging.

T-Drill customized solutions

Flexible customized tube and pipe fabrication solutions for a vast variety of tubing needs.

T-DRILL machines are known to have a long lifetime. This is achieved with high-quality machines and with professional customer service.
T-DRILL:in eläkeläisryhmä kokoaa vanhat työtoverit yhteen

Vaasalainen Juha Ikola toimii koollekutsujan roolissa T-DRILL eläkeläiset -ryhmässä. Ryhmä koostuu tällä hetkellä lähes 40:stä T-DRILL:iltä eläkkeelle jääneestä henkilöstä. Yhteisissä tapahtumissa vaihdetaan kuulumisia, liikutaan luonnossa, pysytellään ajan tasalla vanhan työnantajan kuulumisista ja tutustutaan eläkeläisiä kiinnostaviin aiheisiin.

The T-DRILL Method is Taught in the Union Instructor Training Program – Positive Feedback from Both the Trainees and the Organizer

One of the classes taught in the Union Instructor Training Program is called Alternative Joining Methods. Among the methods taught in the class is the T-DRILL collaring method, introduced to the class by T-DRILL's Applications Engineer Dylan Howell.

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Intec 2023
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Cut costs, improve effiency


  • Saves up to 40 % in time and costs, as the flanges are formed directly on the end of the pipe.
  • No welding: Fewer points for inspection, fewer weld joints to fail.
  • A flange can be produced in 45 seconds cold and about 3 ½ minutes hot.


  • No T-fittings.
  • No costly inventories.
  • Instead of three welded joints, only one simple weld joint is required.


T-DRILL Customized Solutions - WHEN YOU NEED Seamless production

T-DRILL has the capability to create special machinery solutions to meet its customer’s unique manufacturing requirements and to increase their productivity in a highly effective way.

Customized machines. Special machines can utilize already T-DRILL proven technologies such as collaring, chipless cutting, flanging, or tube end forming. This will also give all the benefits of T-DRILL methods with customized machines.

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Integrated systems. The modular design of T-DRILL machines and equipment allows us to meet industry-specific requirements and offer optimized tube and pipe manufacturing solutions.

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