TCC-28 RL Cutting Machine

Pipe diameters: 4,76–28,6 mm | 0.187”–1.125”
Pipe material: Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, CuNi, Brass
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Cutting


Most commonly used in:

TCC-28-RL Automatic Tube Cutting Center for Straight Lenghts

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The TCC-28 is an automated tube cutting station with many options. Cutting diameter range for straight length tubes is O.D. Ø 4,76–28,6 mm | 0.187” – 1.125”. The system features fully automatic cut length changes with an integrated batch management system.

Cutting of straight tubes

The automatic Rackloader is used when raw material is coming in straight lengths. There are lengths for rackloaders for max. 4,000 mm (157”) and 6,000 mm (236”) tubes. The rackloader is closely integrated into the machine, thus keeping total system length as short as possible.

The TCC-28 offers a remarkable advantage in cutting straight tubes: minimum waste pieces. The TCC-28 can change cutting length automatically: it can be programmed to cut e.g. 6,000 mm (236”) long straight tube so that the rest piece will be as short as possible. Practice has shown three cutting lengths to be enough for minimizing the length of rest pieces.

It is natural that if the TCC-28 can cut different lengths, it should be made possible to sort the lengths automatically. Accordingly, the TCC-28 is normally equipped with an automatic sorting table. Thus, the three different cut lengths and waste pieces are sorted into boxes of their own. Different sorting tables are available for maximum cut lengths from 2,000 mm to 6,000 mm (79” –236”).

TCC-28 RL Cutting Machine


Mains supply
200-240 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
400-480 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase

Cutting range
O.D. Ø 4,76–28,6 mm | 0.187”–1.125”
Capillary equipment: 1,5–4,76 mm | 0.06”–0.187”

Wall thickness
0,3–3 mm |0.012''–0.12"
(depending on tube material)

Aluminium, Copper, Steel

Repeating accuracity
+/- 0.1 mm/hit | 0.004"
Min. cut length
45 mm | 1.77"
Typical production rates
2000–5000 pcs/h depending on cut length, material and required cut quality

Air pressure
6–8 bar | 87psi–116psi
Power supply
7 kW

Main fuse
Min 3 x 25A Max 3 x 63 A

Air consumption
300 l/min | Peak 800 l/min

Noise level
80 dB

Machine dimensions (basic machine only)
2,150 x 1,000 x 1,250 mm | 85''x39''x49'' (L x W x H)

Package dimensions (basic machine only)
2,900 x 1,150 x 1,850 mm | 114''x45''x73' (L x W x H)
Net weight
850 kg | 1870 lbs
Gross weight
1,100 kg | 2420 lbs

Note! Above values are intended as a guide only.

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