T-115 Cu Collaring Machine

Collar sizes: 18–114,3 mm | NS 5/8” – 4”
Run tube sizes: 22–267 mm |  NS 3/4” – 10”
Pipe material: Copper
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Collaring

Most commonly used in:

T-115 Cu Collaring Machine

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The transportable T-115 Cu Collaring Machine fits perfectly e.g. for the needs of heat exchanger manufacturers. The machine produces extruded outlets for branch connections in copper tubes within range 22–267 mm (⅞’’ – 10’’).

The T-115 Cu is easy to operate, as the operation panel provides simple step-by-step instructions and the delivery package includes a convenient Tool Table for easier machine usage and tool service. The machine is 800 mm (32’’) wide and designed for easy moving with a manual or motorized forklift.  It is an ideal solution for both factory and on-site use.

The system consists of a pilot hole cutter for making a round pilot hole and collaring tooling for diameter range 18–108 mm (¾’’ – 4⅛). Each collaring tool (collaring head) is adjustable within a given range. Adjustment is made according to branch tube O.D. The machine drills the pilot hole and forms a collar on the tube. The branch tube is connected to the run tube by a brazed joint.

Key Features

• Adjustable tools for any branch pipe size
• Precise collar quality
• Easy step-by-step instructions
• For both factory and on-site use

• Only 800 mm wide (32’’)
• Easy to move by manual- or motorized forklift

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T-115 Cu Collaring Machine

Technical Information of T-115 Cu Collaring Machine

T-115 Cu

Collar diameter
Ø18–108 mm

Diameter of the run pipe
Ø22–267 mm
Maximum wall thickness

Max 5,38 mm

Material to be formed
Copper only
Sound level
Max 78 dB

Measures of the unit
See the layout drawing

Weight of the unit
250 kg

Operating voltage
200-240 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
400-480 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase


2,2 kW

Note! The values above are intended as a guide only.

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