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T-DRILL’s First F-420e Flanging Machine Delivery Completed: “This Machine Will Set Us Apart from Our Competitors”

Founded in 1957, Wagner GmbH is an Austrian company specializing in prefabricated stainless steel pipes and pipe modules. Their products are mainly delivered to power plants, water treatment plants, district heating plants and factories in the food industry. Wagner GmbH employs around 100 people.

Workshop Manager Johannes Skazedonig (left) and Managing Director Martin WagnerWagner GmbH is the first T-DRILL customer to receive the brand-new T-DRILL F-420e flanging machine. The F-420e is one of the first flanging machines in the world to be equipped with entirely programmable servo technology. It allows the repeated production of precisely programmed, high quality workpieces with minimal operator effect.

T-DRILL delivered the F-420e flanging to Wagner GmbH just a few weeks ago. According to Managing Director and owner Martin Wagner, the company is expecting to see a cut-down in production costs.

– For us, the number one feature of the F-420e is that it can reduce welding efforts by around 15–20 percent. It is about half a welder a year. Naturally, we are not looking to cut down on manpower – we are looking to release more of our personnel’s capacity to other tasks. The machine increases our capacity which, in turn, will enable our company and our business to grow.

Wagner points out that the F-420e will not only generate efficiency and savings, but also reduce the risk for welding defects. T-DRILL flanging machines form the flange directly on the end of the pipe, eliminating the need for welding and X-raying joints. Welded joints are also more prone to failure, which can cause issues later on.

– We are currently doing testing and training with the machine and everything looks very promising. The F-420e will set us apart from our competitors.

Superior Technology, Reliability and Serious Engineering Skills

Before the T-DRILL F-420e, Wagner GmbH had purchased a flanging machine from a different manufacturer. Wagner, however, was not satisfied with the quality.

– The pipes were simply not up to standard. The whole technique, the whole concept of the machine was not as good as T-DRILL’s. It was not reliable.

At the time, Wagner GmbH had had a T-DRILL collaring machine for a few years. Since Wagner was extremely satisfied with it, he contacted T-DRILL to see what kind of options they had for flanging. Wagner personally visited T-DRILL in Finland and was quickly impressed by the F-420e’s technology.

– We tested the machine with some pieces and I instantly saw how reliable it was. We asked for the machine to be fitted with a table, which T-DRILL then developed.

Wagner is pleased with the cooperation with T-DRILL. He feels that working with a medium-size company is flexible and straightforward. Wagner also appreciates the honest and forthright Finnish mentality.

– Over the years, I have seen that the guys from T-DRILL are serious engineers who know what they are doing. We are very happy to have T-DRILL as a supplier. We will rely on them as long as we can.

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Published: April 18, 2023

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