TEC-220, INSS-POL, Poland

The Newly-Purchased T-DRILL TEC-220 Puts INSS-POL’s Operations on a Larger Scale –

“We Were Already Able to Take on a New Customer”

INSS-POL is a Poland-based company specializing in designing, manufacturing and assembling demanding steel installations. INSS-POL manufactures products such as valve clusters and piping systems. The company carries out projects for, among others, the food, energy and biotechnology industries. INSS-POL employs around 190 people. In 2021, the company reached a turnover of €29,5M.

The Polish INSS-POL received their TEC-220 collaring machine from T-DRILL just a few weeks ago. The machine will be used in collaring pipes for INSS-POL’s customers mainly in the automotive, dairy, brewery, chemical and pharmacy industries.

— With the TEC-220, we are able to produce collars in a variety of different dimensions. We are also able to pull up bigger collars. With these upgrades to our collaring process, we have already been able to take on our first new customer. Things are therefore looking very promising, says INSS-POL’s Production Director Krystian Graś.

According to Graś, the TEC-220 enables INSS-POL to collar more pipes in less time. INSS-POL is also able to serve their customers in an even more professional manner.

— For example, our isometrics will be better. We are able to bring our production capacity to levels that we could not have reached without the TEC-220. All in all, the machine will help put our company’s operations on a larger scale.

“We Were Sure About One Thing – The Machine Had to Come From T-DRILL”

INSS-POL purchased their first T-DRILL machine, a portable collaring machine, in 2020. As the company started manufacturing more complex products that required more speed and higher performance levels, INSS-POL decided to invest in more competitive machinery.

— When the investment idea came to mind, there was one thing we were sure about: the machine had to come from T-DRILL. That was a straight decision.

With the expert advice provided by T-DRILL’s Polish representative Targa, INSS-POL quickly came to the conclusion that the TEC-220 would help them bring their collaring process to a new level. T-DRILL travelled to Poland to present the machine to INSS-POL. After the purchase decision was made, T-DRILL engineers performed commissioning. After just 48 hours, INSS-POL made their first collar with the TEC-220.

— The whole process from preparing the offer to commissioning went very smoothly. We are very happy with the customer service we received.

The TEC-220 Expands INSS-POL’s Business with More Customers and Cooperative Partners

INSS-POL has now been operating the machine for about a month. According to Sales & Marketing Manager Anna Zastawny, the TEC-220 benefits INSS-POL in many different ways.

— We are expecting to see a relatively short payback period for this investment. The machine will lead to our operations being more efficient and profitable. It will also enable us to expand our business not only by us being able to serve a wider variety of customers, but also by us being able to make new connections with cooperative partners.

— T-DRILL is one of the best machine manufacturers and one of the few in the world to provide collaring solutions like this. We are very pleased with our cooperation, Graś concludes.


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