F-200, Damen Shipyards, Romania

Damen Shipyards Galati: “Remarkably” Increased Efficiency and Savings with the T-DRILL Flanging Technology


Damen Shipyards is an international maritime company specializing in shipbuilding and related services. Damen has 35 shipyards across the world and delivers more than 175 ships annually. Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania is one of the group’s largest production units with more than 400 delivered vessels since the 90’s. In 2022, the group employed more than 12 000 people and reached a turnover of 2,5 billion EUR.


Damen Shipyards Galati flanges copper pipes with the T-DRILL F-200 flanging machine. When making the investment, Damen Galati had a clear objective in mind – increased productivity and high quality. Damen Shipyards Galati’s portfolio of vessels ranges from simple barges and pontoons to highly sensitive and demanding projects such as naval vessels and superyachts. Copper pipes are mainly used to supply fresh water to the vessels’ accommodation area and to supply cooling water for the main engine. The pipes’ function and their manufacturability are therefore a critical part of the vessel’s operation. The F-200 can also be used to flange aluminum, copper-nickel, carbon steel and stainless steel.

The T-DRILL F-200 roll forms a flange directly on the end of the pipe, which eliminates the need for welding. Forming the flange cold takes about a minute, hot flanging about three minutes, both being significantly less than welding the flange. The T-DRILL flanging method saves up to 40 % in time and costs while also resulting in a stronger, more reliable product: fewer welded joints means less risk of joint failure. When the T-DRILL flanging method is combined with T-DRILL collaring, the benefits are even greater. Damen has had a T-DRILL collaring machine for over 10 years.

“First, our T-DRILL collaring machine extracts a collar from the run pipe, which means that there is no need for separate T-pieces. Second, the flanging machine forms a flange on the end of the pipe. It has a made a remarkable difference to our operations. Our efficiency has been improved and the time used for welding has been drastically reduced”, says Cristian Severin, Manager in Damen Piping Solutions.

Severin also points out that Damen Galati has been able to reach savings in purchasing materials: with the T-DRILL flanging method, Damen no longer has to purchase separate flanges.

“Now we just purchase the pipes. Savings are also generated through having to do less welding – welders’ work input can be directed elsewhere, which allows us to increase our efficiency in other tasks as well.”


Easy Purchase Decision


After having had a T-DRILL collaring machine for over a decade, Damen’s decision to purchase another T-DRILL product was easy. Damen was familiar with T-DRILL’s Romanian representative, Pretev Tehnologii Srl, which made continuing the cooperation seamless.

“We had been extremely happy with the collaring machine. We did not even make comparisons with other manufacturers. Our Head of Workshop studied the F-200, made some calculations and came to the conclusion that it will make several improvements to our operations.”

After a couple of months of operating the F-200, the improvements are now tangible. Cristian Severin, Manager in Damen Piping Solutions and Bogdan Milica, Head of Damen Piping Solutions, are happy with the machine’s functions.

“We are happy with the machine and the service we have been provided.”


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Published: November 23, 2023

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