Automated Production Cell with TD-Care Service Agreement, Fogmaker International, Sweden

Founded in 1995, Fogmaker International Ab manufactures fire suppression systems for engines rooms and other enclosed spaces. Fogmaker systems are most often found in buses, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles in fields like agriculture and forestry. The company has delivered systems for over 300 000 vehicles in over 60 countries, with an annual turnover of €40 M. Fogmaker is headquartered in Växjö, Sweden.


Optimally working cell with minimal downtime critical for Fogmaker – TD-Care Service Agreement “a natural choice”


In 2021, T-DRILL delivered an automated production cell for the Swedish Fogmaker International. The cell’s key elements include a T-DRILL TCC-28 cutting machine, a Herber Engineering Ab bending machine, Cajo Technologies laser marking equipment and a Yaskawa robot. T-DRILL was in charge of the entire project by designing, installing, automating, integrating and commissioning the cell. After over two years of active use, Operations Manager Axel Carlsson is satisfied with the investment.

“The cell has a very high level of availability with short, far-apart maintenance windows. We have also determined that the produced quality meets our requirements. The T-DRILL TCC-28 has a special chipless cutting method, which means that there is no need for deburring and the tube’s inner diameter is consistently correct. Ever since the cell was commissioned, it has fully fulfilled and exceeded our expectations.”

High competence, no complications, short downtime

After having invested in a high-quality production cell, it has been important for Fogmaker that the cell maintains its performance and functions without interruptions. To ensure this, Fogmaker made a T-DRILL TD-Care Service Agreement. The agreement includes annual maintenance, which prevent production-hindering malfunctions and prolong the cell’s life cycle.

“We would never take the risk of not having regular maintenance. For us, an optimally working cell with minimal downtime is critical.”

According to Carlsson, maintenance is performed with a high level of professionalism. T-DRILL is quick to answer any questions and thoroughly conducts the maintenance operations from start to finish. The cell is comprehensively tested after service is completed.

“Generally speaking, there are often complications after machine maintenance, but with T-DRILL, there have never been any issues. Also, the downtime during maintenance is short even though the cell is quite complex.”

Always work with the original manufacturer

Carlsson points out that the annual maintenance clearly has a preventive, not a corrective effect.

“To put it short, there is nothing to correct. The cell’s performance is just as strong in the weeks before maintenance as it is in the weeks after it. It is that robust and capable, and with regular maintenance, these qualities are always maintained.”

Carlsson strongly recommends making a service agreement.

“I would say this: do not invest in a high-value automatic cell without making sure you have a plan for keeping it in optimal condition. Always work with the original manufacturer. For us, having the original, premium vendor perform regular maintenance was a natural choice. It is T-DRILL’s high competence that we invest in.”


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Published: May 14, 2024

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