T-DRILL and Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing Announce Strategic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that T-DRILL has entered into a strategic partnership with Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing. Together we will provide a wider range of services to the tube and pipe industries, with solutions and equipment to serve all your needs, ranging from stand-alone machines to FULLY automated turnkey cells.

Our partnership will combine the long track record and business expertise of Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing as a leader in automation services, with T-DRILL’s impressive 40 years of experience in the field of tube and pipe fabricating machines. Our answer to increasing customer demands in a labor shortage environment is AUTOMATED FABRICATION, says Jarno Syrenius, the President of T-Drill Inc.


This is an exciting time for T-DRILL and our clients. We look forward to providing you with an unmatched depth of service offerings through our partnership with Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing.


Learn more about Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing here

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