New Portable Collaring Machine for Stainless Steel Branching!

We are excited to introduce the new powerful Portable Collaring Machine T-65 SS for Stainless Steel Branching. The T-65 SS forms tee joints of OD 17 – 54 mm in main run tubes up to 300 mm in just a couple of minutes, making it an excellent solution to be used both in construction and renovation project, as well as in the demanding field conditions in maintenance, repair work and the process industry.

Let’s give our designer, Mr. Jukka-Pekka Paukkunen, to tell you few words about the new machine:
Main goal with the new T-65 SS was to make the collaring process more effortless for the user. To achieve this goal, the machine was designed with two handles; one for drilling through and the other one for pilot hole side movement. This minimizes the amount of force needed to drill through the steel.”

Jukka-Pekka continues:
“The pilot hole adjustment was also made easier and the tool changing is simple and quick. With this model you just tilt the machine to switch from one tool to another without at any point holding the weight of the machine with your hands. Because of this, the machine is not only efficient and easy but also ergonomic to use.”

Read more and watch a video of the machine 👉 T-65 SS Product Page

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