All-new products and important interactions: Tube 2024 one of T-DRILL’s most successful participations



In April, T-DRILL participated in the Tube 2024 trade fair at wire & Tube in Düsseldorf, Germany. T-DRILL has decades of history participating in the biennial trade fair, often described as one of the most significant events in the industry. In terms of the connections made at the fair, Export Manager Ville Hautanen describes Tube 2024 as one of the company’s most successful participations so far.

New products and a level of automation unlike ever before

At T-DRILL’s already-familiar exhibition booth, visitors got to experience the company’s latest innovations in the form of several all-new products. These included the S-56 PC punching and collaring combo unit, the eagerly-awaited HVACR industry groundbreaker enabling the forming of tough materials like copper-iron. Another star of the show was the new S-28 collaring machine, whose robust yet slim construction is designed especially for the collaring of tightly-bent tubes. Along with new products, visitors were introduced to virtually the entire T-DRILL product selection, all the way from portable products to cutting machines and spinners. According to Hautanen, the increased automation level of the products generated conversations and interest.

“The level of automation has significantly increased across our entire product selection with features such as fully automatic adjustments and tool changers. In addition to new products and features, what continues to pique visitors’ interest are our unique collaring and flanging methods. Our Hand Feed Table collaring unit, for example, was quite the crowd-puller. Due to the collaring process being rather visible on the machine, it is ideal for showcasing the T-DRILL collaring method.”

In-person meetings foster stronger connections

T-DRILL travelled to the 5-day fair with a crew of over 20 experts from Finland and the US, covering nearly all aspects of the company’s business from design, service and product development to marketing and sales. The T-DRILL staff was joined by nearly 30 representatives from all over the world – even from as far as Australia and Japan. The trade fair therefore not only served as a platform for strategic contacts, but also for valuable interactions and exchange of knowledge among the T-DRILL staff and their representatives.

“In-person meetings further strengthen our team and foster stronger connections with our partners and customers. Both ourselves and our representatives had wonderful interactions within the group and with visitors. We had dinners with both customers and partners throughout the week and were pleased to integrate them into the warm and positive ambiance of our team.”

In terms of business development, 2023 was a record year for T-DRILL due to growth in the USA and Asia. Hautanen feels that after unprecedented global circumstances, business investments in Europe are beginning to regain momentum. Live events and meetings continue to hold significance in the business world, and despite the resources required for months of planning, they remain worthwhile investments for the company.

“One of the most significant reasons for T-DRILL participating in trade fairs and exhibitions is the uniqueness of our products. Even though we have travelled around the world presenting our products for decades, I still see aha moments and amazement over our technology every single day. Spreading knowledge of the T-DRILL methods and our machines is why visitors will keep seeing us at exhibitions and trade shows this year and the years to come.”


We will meet again at Tube 2026!



Published: May 28, 2024

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