Chipless Cutting Machine with End Forming & Brushing Devices



T-DRILL Cutting Machine with in-line end-former can perform the cutting of tube simultaneously with grooving or end-forming (e.g. expanding, reducing, beading, flanging, flaring).

This T-DRILL machine integrates three functions: it cuts the tubes chiplessly, end forms expansion and brushes the tube ends fully automatically. The machine has also automatic rackloader for tubes in straight lengths.



Key features:

  • Best possible cutting quality with T-DRILL chipless cutting method
  • 3 different work stages integrated to one machine for optimized productivity
  • Accurate cutting length tolerances (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Fast 1,4 s cycle time
  • Several cutting lengths automatically
  • Suitable for aluminum, copper, stainless steel and steel


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