T-DRILL Industries Inc.’s Toby Allen: From the Machine Shop to CEO

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Toby Allen, T-DRILL Industries Inc.’s CEO.


On January 1st 2023, Toby Allen was appointed CEO of T-DRILL’s US subsidiary, T-DRILL Industries Inc. The Georgia native started his career at T-DRILL in 1999 in the machine shop with parts manufacturing. After showing interest in service, Allen worked in the T-DRILL service department as Field Service Engineer and was ultimately appointed Service Manager, managing a team of 3–4 people. Allen’s extensive experience at T-DRILL has aided him in transitioning into the role of CEO.

– As Service Manager, I never had to deal with sales, accounting etc. It is, however, exciting to face new challenges. I get to dive even deeper and educate myself on new aspects of the company.

Allen believes that a good CEO leads by example and listens to employees, the true experts of their jobs. Allen feels that his personal strength is his way of thinking deeply before saying or doing anything. He makes sure everything that is being done has a purpose and brings the company closer to a common goal.

– My job is whatever is required, not what has been written down in my job description. You can find me in the shop or in the boardroom giving presentations.

T-DRILL’s Two Advantages: Constant Product Development and Quality Service

According to Allen, T-DRILL has two major advantages as a supplier: constant product development, based on customer feedback and demands, and quality continued aftersales service and support. T-DRILL makes constant developments to the machines to further improve their usage and to ensure that the machines make customers’ work as efficient as possible.

– I am also very proud of the way we retain our customers. Some of the customers we have sold machines to 20 years ago are still our customers today. For that I am grateful.

In the future, T-DRILL Inc. will keep investing in solutions for the fields of HVAC and shipbuilding. The company will also keep looking for more ways to serve their customers working with semiconductors and the EV market. Allen’s personal goal as CEO is to keep the business growing and moving forward at a steady pace.

– I want to keep strengthening and building our team. We are a tight group and enjoy being together at work and outside work. We can certainly do a job, but I feel that T-DRILL is more than a job – it is a group of people working towards the same goal. I feel honored to have a part in taking us there.

The Future Will Be Built on a Solid Foundation

Allen was originally asked to take on the role of CEO after the sudden passing of T-DRILL Inc.’s former CEO, Jarno Syrenius. Allen has done his best to keep the business growing and moving forward at a steady pace.

– Jarno’s passing was a shock to all of us. Even though I knew I would have my work cut out for me, I trusted our management’s judgement – the fact that they asked me to be Jarno’s successor made me feel confident that I could take care of the job.

Allen’s transition to a new role was made easier by the fact that after almost 25 years, he was a familiar face to everyone. He also expresses admiration towards Syrenius’ ability of having surrounded himself with good people – undoubtedly a sound premise for taking on the role of leader.

– It was a true sign of a good boss.

Published: October 5, 2023

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