Intelligent Manufacturing Cell with integrated BIM Software



Intelligent Manufacturing Cell with integrated BIM Software allows Automatic Programming of downstream systems. This Modular Cell greatly minimizes Labor required to pre-fabricate and identify tube assemblies for rapid Field Installation.

The customer is a Mechanical Contractor that utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other CAD packages to efficiently Design and Prefabricate tube assemblies that are scheduled, manufactured, and delivered to the jobsite at the exact time they are needed.

With the highly Automated TCC-50RL, S-54 AFT and the SP-110 Spinner, the company has been able to reduce Labor and Fitting costs far beyond the Capitol Investment in the Equipment.



Key Features:

  • The TCC-50RL cuts tubes to length, applies a data label to each end then sorts various cut lengths into respective collection points along the out-feed table.
  • The S-54 AFT scans the QR code on the data label and downloads the correct program for linear and radial Collar positions required on that tube.
  • The SP-110 is loaded, cycled, and un-loaded by a Collaborative Robot for Expansions, Reductions or full Closing needed on tube ends.

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