S-56 Feed Tables AFT & MFT

Collar sizes:
Drilling/collaring/trimming: Ø12–58 mm | O.D. ½”–2 ¼”
Elliptical pilot hole:Ø17,2–60,3 mm | O.D. ¾”–2 ¼”
Drilling/collaring: Ø6–54 mm | O.D. ¼”–2 1⁄8″
Run tube sizes: Ø8–114,3 mm | O.D. 5⁄16″–4 ½”
Pipe material: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper, Copper-Nickel
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Collaring

Frequentemente utilizadas em:

Automatic Feed Table (AFT) and Manual Feed Table (MFT)

Improves the manifold/collector production efficiency.

Adding the Automatic Feed Table to S-56 Improves the manifold/collector production efficiency. The manifold with multiple collars can be processed automatically.

Adding the MFT to the T-DRILL S-56 collaring machine improves the manifold/collector production efficiency, enabling fast pipe positioning for the operator.


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S-56 Feed Tables AFT & MFT

Collaring range
Ø12–58 mm | O.D. ½"–2 ¼"
Collaring range
(Elliptical pilot hole)
Ø17,2–60,3 mm | O.D. ¾"–2 ¼”
Collaring range
(Drilling/collaring | Copper & Aluminium)
Ø6–54 mm | O.D. 1/4"–2 1/8"
Materials for
work piece
Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, CuNi
Diameter of run tubeØ8–114,3 mm | O.D. 5⁄16"–4 ½"
air supply
6 bar | 87 psi
Air consumption
(basic machine only)
55 l/min | 14.5 GPM
Rated power4 kW
Fuses16 A
Supply voltage200–240V / 400–480V
50Hz/60Hz, 3 Phase
Machine dimension
H x W x D
1991 x 800 x 1187 mm |
78" x 31" x 47"
Machine weight
w/o electric cabinet
536 kg | 1179 lbs

Note! The above values are intended as a guidance only.

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