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TD-Vault Online Cloud System

Take your productivity to the next level with TD-Vault

Online cloud system to interact with your T-DRILL machines – providing easy access to all the essential machine and production data.

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TD-Vault is an integrated part of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem with smart factory connections, data transparency as well as information visualization for proactive and optimized operations.

When your T-DRILL machine is linked to TD-Vault, you will get a real-time overview of production details, piece counters, performance, overall equipment effectiveness… Customizable, to best fit your needs.

T-DRILL’s intuitive online system shows current status of production, and when it’s time for service. Production orders with premade machine settings can be sent directly to the T-DRILL machine with a push of a button – minimizing the set-up time and increasing the productivity level.

If required, that data can also be accessed by a T-DRILL service engineer for diagnostics. T-DRILL’s team can help to optimize production when granted access to machine details. With this information maintenance can be scheduled not to interrupt production.

Key Features

  • Easy access to all essential real-time data from anywhere​
  • Production orders with premade machine settings can be sent to the ​T-DRILL machine with a push of a button
  • Minimized machine set-up time and increased productivity​
  • Preventive maintenance reminders​
  • Fault diagnosis can be done remotely enabling faster service response time
  • Maintenance can be scheduled not to interrupt production
  • Limited machine downtime

Cut costs – Improve quality – Increase profit

Interested in TD-Vault?

TD-Remote Support

TD-Vault includes TD-Remote Support but is available to purchase also separately.

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