PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System

Collar sizes: 48,3–114,3 mm | 2”–4” O.D
Run tube sizes: 60,3–219,1 mm | 2 ½”–8” (When working with bigger sizes, please contact T-DRILL Sales)
Pipe material: Stainless steel, Steel
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Collaring

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PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System for Stainless Steel Tubes

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The PLUS 115 SS Collaring System is an effortless, capacity expanding attachment for the heavy duty T-65 SS Portable Collaring Machine. It forms 48,3–114,3 mm (2″–4″ O.D.) outlets for butt welded joints on stainless steel pipes in just a few minutes.

By eliminating two welded joints, the system minimizes costs and increases profit while offering improved quality, comparable to mechanically formed tee joints. If tube polishing is required at the welding points, the PLUS 115 SS reduces this process by 60% as well.  The branch pipe can be connected to a formed outlet either by orbital welding or by manual welding.

The ergonomically designed system minimizes the operator workload and is effortless to use, as it has two handles; the upper one for drilling through the pipe and the other is for elliptical movement. The powerful PLUS-115 SS is an optimal solution for the process piping industry and suits well for both construction and renovation projects, as well as the demanding field conditions in maintenance and repair work.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable for optimal elliptical shape of the pilot hole
  • Easy and effortless to operate
  • Simple collar height adjustment
  • Ergonomic design for minimized operator workload
  • Heavy duty T-DRILL collaring heads with stepless adjustment ensures precise collar sizes 48,3–114,3 mm (2”–4” O.D.)

PLUS 100 Upgrade Kit

”The PLUS 100 was designed in the 90’s to increase the capacity of the T-55. As years went by, the T-55 evolved into the T-65 you see today. Now, we are continuing the journey with the new PLUS 115!”

However, if you are a lucky owner of PLUS 100, we have great news for you!

We are offering an easy to install PLUS 100 SS Upgrade Kit to take your productivity to the next level. While increasing the quality, this upgrade decreases the production costs and time, especially with larger run tubes.

For further information, please contact T-DRILL After Sales

T-DRILL PLUS 115 Portable Collaring System Elliptical Device


COMPARISON: Welded Fittings vs T-DRILL Collaring & Flanging

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PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System


Capacity of T-DRILL PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System Capacity of T-DRILL PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System Capacity of T-DRILL PLUS 115 SS Portable Collaring System

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