TBC-115 Tube Branching Center

Collaring sizes: 17 – 114.3 mm (3/8” – 4”)
Run tube sizes: 21,3 – 114,3 mm (1⁄2 – 4”)
Rated power: 15 kW
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Collaring

Materiał produktu:

TBC-115 Brochure


Completely new Tube Branching Center for fastest T-DRILL T-fitting manufacturing ever, up to 160 T-fittings per hour.


TBC-115 has a turntable with three machining units, which allow
the three steps of the process to be done simultaneously:

  1. Pilot hole milling
  2. Collaring
  3. Trimming

Automatic adjustment of collaring tools according to collar size within the adjustment range of each collaring head. Emulsion lubrication for milling and trimming process results in a clean tube without chips stuck to it. TBC-115 is Industry 4.0 and online cloud system TD-Vault ready.

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TBC-115 Tube Branching Center

Collar sizes17 – 114.3 mm (3/8” - 4”)
Run tube sizes21,3 – 114,3 mm (1⁄2 – 4”)
Rated power15 kW

Note! The above values are intended as a guidance only.

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