The T-DRILL Method is Taught in the Union Instructor Training Program – Positive Feedback from Both the Trainees and the Organizer


T-DRILL’s Applications Engineer Dylan Howell attended the Union Instructor Training Program held in Ann Arbor in August. The annual program is organized by the United Association. Education is at the core of UA’s operations: members can participate in training programs in order to become UA Instructors and be able to teach classes on topics like welding, pipefitting and plumbing. Training programs allow instructors to stay up-to-date on the new techniques, processes and equipment that are constantly being introduced to their field.

One of the classes taught in the Union Instructor Training Program is called Alternative Joining Methods. Among the methods taught in the class is the T-DRILL collaring method, introduced to the class by Howell.

— I taught the instructors the T-DRILL tee extrusion process and the science behind it. Some were familiar with the T-DRILL method but some had never used our machinery before, so it was a great opportunity to open their eyes to a very simple and unique joining process. Many students that were familiar with T-DRILL expressed how much they loved the tool and the value it brings to the jobs its utilized in.

Classroom and Shop Sessions Provide Instructors the Knowledge and Training Needed to Succeed With the T-DRILL Method

Howell’s week-long class started with classroom sessions and general education. In addition to introducing the method itself, Howell talked to the instructors about the method’s benefits and why it is used and appreciated in the field.

— Our method is very unique, which draws people to use it. It saves a lot of time and money while creating a robust, strong fitting. I was very happy to be able to spread information on it.

After introducing the method, the class moved onto shop sessions. The students were given project sheets that showed the extrusion, after which they had to do it on their own.

— This was the first time in two years we got to be face-to-face and the instructors could actually test the method and pull up the collars themselves. As we approached the end of the week, I am confident that all of the instructors in our classes were provided with the knowledge and training needed to be successful with the T-DRILL method. I received very positive feedback on the class from the association as well.

Instructors Go on to Teach the Method Themselves

Howell feels that the Union Instructor Training Program is beneficial for the instructors, for T-DRILL and for the entire field as well. The instructors go on to train their apprentices who, in turn, will work on sites in the future. Once they do, they will have knowledge on the T-DRILL method and will be able to utilize it to create the highest-quality product with a cost-effective, time-saving method. They will also reach a fast return for their investment.

— Programs like these bring an amazing opportunity that allows training instructors to continue educating their apprentices with leading and sustainable tube and pipe fabrication technology.

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Josh Fuller from UA local 3 in Denver has been using T-DRILL for years. What are his thoughts on T-DRILL products? Watch the video:


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