T-DRILL Oy Acquires Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Portfolio from Larikka Oy

T-DRILL Oy and Larikka Oy have agreed on a business transaction that covers the intellectual property rights and product rights for five different pipe processing and handling machines and technology, as well as the patent portfolio. The portfolio includes nine main patents and 43 country-specific patents across 24 countries.

The business transaction does not include Larikka Oy’s employees, other personnel, or other assets. It will not impact Larikka Oy’s other business operations.

This transaction has historical significance because Larikka Oy’s CEO and owner, Leo Larikka, developed the world’s first pipe T-branching machine (also known as a collaring machine) in the 1970s. In this innovative method, the pipe branch joint is processed directly from the run pipe, eliminating the need for separate T-pieces, and reducing weld seams to just one, compared to the traditional method with three weld seams. This innovation remains one of the most groundbreaking advancements in the industry and is the main method of T-DRILL collaring machines.

Leo Larikka has continued to innovate and develop pipe-cutting, collaring, punching, and welding methods successfully for decades within his own company. “I had long considered a new home for my newly developed innovations, and finally, the solution came from where my first innovation found a new home: the original Larikka Oy, now known as T-DRILL Oy. T-DRILL Oy’s international distribution network and strong product development provide the best conditions for the global success of my innovations,” says Leo Larikka.

“This business transaction aligns perfectly with T-DRILL Oy’s growth strategy and vision to be a leading and sustainable provider of pipe processing solutions. With this acquisition, T-DRILL Oy can expand its current product and service offerings, especially in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, where the quality requirements for the inner surface of pipes are exceptionally high. These innovations also support our customers’ transition to more environmentally friendly production processes, where no metal chips are generated, and separate lubricants are unnecessary. The innovations, technologies, and product concepts will now move into product development projects, and the first new T-DRILL products will be launched later this year,” states Jouni Matikainen, CEO of T-DRILL Oy.

T-DRILL Oy, part of the Leinolat Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and solution providers for pipe processing machines. The company’s patented solutions for pipe branching, cutting, and tube end-forming are used for numerous industrial applications across various customer sectors. T-DRILL has its roots in Finland but operates in global markets. Its products and services are exported to over 50 countries annually, with exports accounting for over 95% of its revenue. The headquarters is located in Laihia, Finland, with manufacturing in Isokyrö, Finland, and a subsidiary in Atlanta, USA. The company employs approximately 100 people.

Published: July 4, 2024

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