Tube Processing Cell with integrated Cutting, Storage & Deburring Systems


Tube Processing Cell with integrated 6000 mm onboard Tube Storage and Deburring Systems. This Cell allows storage of 12 different tube diameters; tubes are automatically loaded and processed via CSV Files. This 4.0 ready System eliminates tube handling Labor and Programming errors.

The customer manufactures tube assemblies for Semi Trucks. They have asked for Quotation for a fully Automated tube storage and processing system.

We completed preliminary design on a system to store, deliver, and process material from 8 mm to 25 mm OD. A double brush de-burr system removes any remaining debris on the tube ends prior to discharge.



Key Features:

  • Straight length tubes up to 20 feet long are loaded by the Operator into the 12-position stocking/delivery system.
  • Code Scanner of the TCC-28 reads tube data from work list. Programs are downloaded via CSV files for processing.
  • Tubes are automatically loaded into the TCC-28 from stocking/delivery system, cut to length, then diverted either to a double end Brush De-Burr System or various positions along the out-feed table.
  • Optional Print and Apply Labeling or Ink-Jet printing are also available

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