Collaring Machine for Automotive Silencer Mass Production


In automotive silencer, there is outlet pipe for the exhaust gas. T-DRILL has created a special Collaring Machine for the cold forming of this hole. After T-DRILL process, customer will typically expand & weld the exhaust gas pipe to this hole fabricated by T-DRILL technology.


According to customer needs, T-DRILL will provide individual jigs for each model of exhaust silencer. The positioning and clamping is robust, quick & accurate.

Change over time from one silencer model to another takes minutes, not hours. Typical cycle time of the exhaust silencer production line is 20-30 seconds. In this time frame, all T-DRILL processes can be done, including the work piece change time.


Key Features:

  • Movable & centralizing clamp. After collaring process, the clamp will automatically move out from the collaring position to unload/load position.
  • The machine is equipped with the pair of light cell for the operator safety, CE mark.
  • Individual clamping jigs for each silencer model.
  • Quick change over time for clamping jigs and collaring tools.
  • One operator needed to operate this machine.
  • The machine identifies that the silencer is loaded in a right way prior the collaring process.
  • Suitable for Ferritic- and Austenitic Stainless Steel, single- or two material layers.
  • Prior the T-DRILL collaring process, customer typically cuts Pilot holes by laser or punching.
  • Suitable for common silencer models
  • Collar (hole) inner diameter, max ~Ø80 mm.
  • Connection for remote service/update.

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