T-DRILL is the world-class supplier of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. T-DRILL machinery consists of both industrial solutions for several customer segments as well as portable solutions for mechanical contractors and plumbers. 

One of T-DRILL’s cornerstones is the ability to foresee customers’ needs and supply the right machine tools for their purposes. Supplying the right tools means that the special features of the tools meet the customers’ special needs – a hand-operated machine tool for smaller purposes or an entire production line as a complete solution for industry.

T-DRILL works closely with its customers to ensure these needs are met in full. The world-class T-DRILL technologies, high-quality products, after-sales, customer support and our own product development together with the decades of knowledge and experience are all matters that give competitive advantage to the customer.

The customers are involved in the process and together we build up the best solutions. The customer can rely on us – there’s always support available and the customer’s productivity is a common interest for us.

In short, the T-DRILL family of professionals helps their customers to increase their productivity by offering a long-lasting advantage and edge.

Make collars, cut to length and form the tube ends with T-DRILL technologies faster and more accurately than with any other method and still save both money and material

Whenever two pipes need to be joined together, T-DRILL is the answer.

Collaring (Tee forming or Branching) – The T-DRILL method of producing outlets to branch connections directly from run pipe material was developed in the 1970’s and is still one of the major inventions in the field.

As the tee is fabricated from the basic tube, no costly T-pieces are needed. Instead of three joints there is only one joint! This saves a lot of time and means considerably lower total costs. The construction also makes the tube stronger and provides better flow and brazing characteristics.

The T-DRILL Collaring method is applicable to almost all malleable materials including stainless steel copper-nickel, aluminum alloys and copper.

Collaring is used in several applications in the following business sectors:

Clean, Cost-effective and accurate Chipless Cutting Technology (TCC)

The trusted T-DRILL Chipless rotary tube cut-off systems provides a highly automated, fast and accurate method for cutting small diameter tubes to length from coils or straight lengths. Thanks to “Pull-apart” method, the tubes are ready for mandrel bending without washing or brushing, which makes the system even very clean.

In-line end-formers are available for single or both ends providing all common end forms in copper, brass, aluminium and steel. For steel applications, double end chamfering machines provides end-finishing solution for wide range of tube lengths.

Chipless Cutting is used mainly in the following business sectors:

Use T-DRILL technology and achieve new potential in heavy-duty tube end forming and flanging.

Lips and flanges are formed directly on the end of the tube – a system that saves up to 40 % in both time and costs compared with traditional weld neck flange connections. Because there’s no risk of weld or brazes fractures, the result is always precise and the quality high.

The multipurpose T-DRILL Flanging Machines are capable of cold and hot forming on both long and bent tubes and pipes with either smooth or grooved flanged surfaces. The T-DRILL Tube End Spinning Machines are fully automatic and suitable for closing, reducing and expanding of copper and brass tubes.

Tube End Forming is used mainly in the following business sectors:

T-DRILL’s Total Tube and Pipe Fabrication Solutions – A full range of high-tech machinery for your tubing needs, from portable on-site equipment to flexible customized, fully automated production lines.

We have done many things, here's one of them

Downtown Boston is back – and T-DRILL has a role

Boston is undergoing a major change. Whereas people and organizations used to move to suburbs, the tide has turned. The construction, development and renovation activities flourish, offering lucrative possibilities of success to proactive businesses.

One such enterprise is J.C. Cannistraro LLC, a real estate contractor of currently 800 employees following vigorous organic growth. Plumbing is an important part of the Cannistraro operation, and this is where T-DRILL comes in.

A dedicated Cannistraro development team studied how higher productivity could be reached. Through analysis they spotted a nasty bottleneck in tube cutting and branching. The process was slow and the skilled professionals had to spend time in relatively simple and routinely monotonous operations.

The solution was found in the flexible T-DRILL technology, customized to meet the ambitious company objectives. T-DRILL delivered a chipless tube cutting machine TCC-50 and an S-54 collaring machine with automation equipment as well as new-generation software.

Mr. Joe Mierzejewski, Operations Manager of the Cannistraro Plumbing Group describes the change in production strategy and especially in productivity as dramatic. “It used to take an employee two minutes to make a tube component. Now the output is three ready-made, labelled and sorted products per minute. In every eight weeks we run 45,000 feet of tubing and produce 16,000 ready-to-install assemblies.”

Thanks to flexible manufacturing, Cannistraro is now in other words able to work about six times faster compared to the previous method, the capacity is up to what the lively market requires – and specialist employees can use their real professional skills.

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