T-35 Portable Tee Forming Machine


Collar sizes: 8–35 mm / NS ½”- 1¼”
Run tube sizes: 15–76 mm / ⅝” – 2⅝”
Pipe material: Copper, Copper / Nickel
Work cycle time: 20 sec
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Tee forming

Most commonly used in:

T-35 Portable Tee Forming Machine for Copper tubes

Leading contractors in plumbing, refrigeration and other tube and pipe manufacturing industries have found T-DRILL T-35 to have all the profit producing capabilities that have been experienced by T-DRILL for nearly 40 years.

Whatever tee joint connection combination either inch or mm between ½-1¼” out of the run tubes up to 2½” and you will be competitive compared to any other joining method.

T-35 Advantages description



Click the selected Excel chart below and use your own figures. The costs by each method will be calculated automatically.

Cost Comparison between Capillary, Press Fittings and T-DRILL Method


T-35 and T-65 Training video:

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T-35 Portable Tee Forming Machine

Capacity Chart for Maximum Run Tube Wall Thickness (run tube size on the left and branch size on the top)

T-35 Capacity Chart


Tee diameter
½'' - 1¼''

Run tube diameter
½'' - 2½''

Max. wall thickness
K, L, M tubing

Cycle time
~ 20 sec

Spindle rotation speed
0–470 rpm

Noice level
78 dB (A)

Less than 2,5 m/s2

Dimensions of the unit19.7'' x 3.1'' x 7.9'' (LxDxH)

Weight of the unit
9,0 lbs

Supply voltage

230 V AC/ 50 Hz
110 V AC /50-60 Hz

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