TD-Care Service Agreements

Cover your machine with the TD-CARE -service agreements

T-DRILL provides two different kinds of service agreements: TD-CARE Standard and TD-CARE Premium. Standard agreement is available for all the T-DRILL machines and Premium for new machines.

Benefits for the customer

  • Higher machine reliability
  • Longer machine lifetime
  • Regular well-planned maintenances
  • Less unexpected breakdowns
  • Fewer costs
  • Better resale value
TD-CareTD-Care StandardTD-Care Premium
Annual maintenance *YesYes
Extended warranty **NoYes
Priority in ordering serviceYesYes
Special service price listYes
Technical support during the office hours (8.00-16.00)Yes
Latest machine software installed during the maintenanceYesYes
TD-Remote SupportOptionOption
TD-Vault Online Cloud System (integrated part of industry 4.0)Option. Available for certain machine models

Option. Available for certain machine models

*  Maintenance every 12 months. Includes specified spare parts, labor, and travel costs.
** Includes a maximum of 10 working days (incl. travelling) or two service trips whichever comes first.


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