SEC-100 TBC Tube Branching Center

Collar sizes
: 21,3–114,3 mm / ½”– 4″
Pipe material: Aluminium, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Steel
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Tee forming

Most commonly used in:

SEC-100 Tube Branching Center

SEC-100 TBC is an automatic collaring machine for making manifolds. It includes a feed table with either 1- or 2-axis control.

The tube is fastened from its both ends to the SEC-100 TBC. A suitable collaring program is selected from the PC controls and an automatic cycle is started. SEC-100 TBC makes all the collars according to the selected program.

Manual process:

  • Preset the elliptical pilot hole parameters manually.
  • Install the preadjusted collaring head and the clamps accoridng to the tube size.
  • Set the axial tube stop.
  • Mount the tube in the clamps.
  • Push the start-button and the cycle will start.

Automatic cycle:

  • The clamps close and the EC-100 mills the elliptical hole.
  • When the hole is ready, the EC-100 unit retracts.
  • The S-100 unit begins the collaring of the tube and the trimming of the collar.
  • Finally the EC-100 returns to the milling position and the clamps open.
  • On the TBC-model the unit is positioned according to the program and the cycle repeats.

SEC-100 TBC Tube Branching Center

Capacity Chart for Maximum Run Tube Wall Thickness in mm and inch (run tube size on the left and branch size on the top)

SEC-100 kapasiteettitaulukko teräkselle

SEC-100 TBC 3000

Operating voltage
200-240 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase
400-480 V / 50 Hz /60 Hz, 3-phase

Max 3 x 63A

7 kW

Automatic grease lubrication

Process time

5–7 min

Air pressure

Air consumption
7.9 gal/min, depending on the application

Material to be collared
Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel, Steel

Collaring range
ؽ’’ – 4’’

Run tube diameters
Ø1’’ – 8’’

Wall thickness
See capability chart

Measures of the machine

Measures of the package
264''x79''x87’’ (LxWxH)

Net weight
6945 lbs

Gross weight
8377 lbs

RAL 7032/3003

Note! The above values are intended as a guidance only.


SEC-100 TBC Tube Branching Center

SEC-100 TBC Layout -Drawing

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