Plus-500 Tee Forming System

Collar sizes
: 21,3–508 mm / ½” nps – 20” nps
Run tube sizes: 273–1600 mm / 10.750” (10” nps) – 63”
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: Tee forming
Max wall thickness: In Stainless steel is .594”

Most commonly used in:

Plus-500 Collaring System

T-DRILL PLUS-500 is a new, powerful and competitive T-DRILL tee forming system, designed for collaring of large pipes and vessels. It is suitable for most of the malleable materials.

Typical applications for the Plus-500 are tanks and vessels (including pressure vessels and large vessels), large pipe line components, ship building industry and special equipment.

Run pipe diameter range is from 10.750” to unlimited (to be checked case by case) and collaring range mainly Ø 8” nps – 20” nps. Collaring range Ø ½” nps – 8” nps is possible, too, with an optional tool adapter.

For this collaring range there are two alternative tooling options: One for SCH 10 (TEC standard tools) and another for SCH 40 pipes (TEC-HD tools). PLUS-500 is also suitable for sheet metal / plate collaring.

Maximum wall thickness of stainless steel (e.g. AISI 304 and AISI 316) is .594” for collars Ø 8” nps – 20” nps. PLUS-500 can be used to make collars on pipes that are in horizontal or vertical position.

The great advantage of the PLUS-500 is that it can be used to perform collaring operation – not only from top of the pipe position (traditional collaring process) – but also it can be tilted to any angle (up to 90°), so that the operation can be made also from the side of the pipe.

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