Plus 100 Portable Collaring System


Collar sizes: 54–108 mm / NS 2” – 4”
Run tube sizes: 54–206 mm  / NS 2 ½” – 8” (When working with bigger sizes, please contact T-DRILL Sales)
Pipe material: Copper
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Tee forming

Most commonly used in:

Plus-100 Portable Pipe Collaring System for Copper

The Plus-100 Pipe Collaring System for Copper is a profit producing attachment for the Collaring Machine T-65.

The Plus-100 forms NS 2” – 4” outlets on copper tubes up to NS 8” runs giving a comparable flexibility and quality to mechanically formed tee joints. This is an excellent solution to be used both on the job site or in the fabrication shop.

The use of this system cuts costs, improves quality and increases profits.

Plus 100 Portable Collaring System

Capacity Chart for Maximum Run Tube Wall Thickness in mm (run tube size on the top and branch size on the left)

Capacity Chart Plus 100

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