New video of the HFT-2000 SS Collaring Unit

T-DRILL HFT-2000 SS is a manually operated unit that is used in conjunction with the effective T-DRILL T-65 SS collaring machine in small volume production of stainless steel manifolds. The Hand Feed Table (HFT) is capable of producing collars of 17-54 mm in run tubes of 32-114 mm.

With the HFT-2000 SS you can produce five 54 mm collars in less than ten minutes without moving the tube!

The T-DRILL collaring method gives a lot of benefits for end-user. As the tee is fabricated from the basic tube, no costly T-pieces or other inventories are needed. Instead of three joints there is only one welded joint. A branch pipe can be connected to the formed outlet either by orbital welding or by manual welding. If any tube polishing is required at the weld points, the tee forming method reduces that along with the inspection costs.

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