New Industry 4.0 ready Collaring machine for up to SCH 40 pipes

New release – TEC-220 Collaring machine for up to SCH 40 pipes

We are proud to launch our brand-new, Industry 4.0 ready TEC-220 Collaring machine with many possibilities. The sturdy, ergonomic design is equipped with many safety features that make the machine safe and steady to operate – even in the heaviest applications.

The powerful TEC-220 forms mechanically extruded outlets directly on run pipes up to 813 mm (32”) and is suitable for branching all malleable materials. The entire collaring process from pilot hole milling to a complete, trimmed branch outlet up to Ø219,1 mm (8”) can be performed on a single workstation in three automatic work cycles.

Read more and watch a video of the machine:TEC-220 Product Page


T-DRILL TEC-220 Collaring Machine for mechanically formed T-outlets up to SCH 40 pipes

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