T-DRILL is the globally leading provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. For decades, T-DRILL has kept developing solutions for diverse applications in many industries, resulting in countless success stories in more than seventy countries. You can make collars, cut to length, and form tube ends with the T-DRILL technologies faster and more accurately than with any other method – saving time, money, and material.

T-DRILL will be exhibiting at the North America's Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event FABTECH, November 6-9, 2017 in Chicago, IL USA. Welcome to visit booth #A4461 to see the latest innovations and witness our slogan “PRODUCTIVITY AS A PRODUCT” in action!

T-DRILL’s latest innovations

Collaring Machine S-80


The latest T-DRILL innovation is a new fast and highly effective
collaring machine S-80 for butt welded branching of tubes. The
S-80 machine has been developed for thin walled tubes to make
collars between 19–80,0 mm faster than ever before, which makes
it a perfect solution for high volume applications up to 4″ pipes.

The S-80 has fully automatic collaring cycle:
1. Pilot hole elliptical milling
2. Collar forming and finally
3. Trimming of the collar.

By choosing the optional tool changer, you are able to make different collar diameters during this same automatic working cycle.

The modular design and many options allows the S-80 machine
to be adapted for a vast variety of different industry specific requirements.

T-DRILL collared and flanged SS pipe

Flanging machine F-170

The F-170 machine is user-friendly and the working cycle is fully automatic without any tool changes. It saves costs in both labour and material in both new construction and repair work.

Flanging by using the T-DRILL method takes minimum roughly a
minute, while a similar process made by welding in stainless steel
pipe takes up to one hour, including the preparations. Because of no welding, there’s no need for inspection of the welding seam.

Standard T-DRILL machines

Industrial Collaring Machine S-54

T-DRILL Collaring machine S-54

The industry standard machine T-DRILL S-54 is for producing collars up 54 mm for brazed and welded joints. Typical applications include automotive engine cooling tubes. Other typical applications are house- and industrial air-conditioning tube joining. Both straight and bent tubes can be processed.

At the fair T-DRILL presents S-54 making collars on bent tubes which is one of the best application for this machine, especially in automotive engine cooling and exhaust recycling applications.

Cordless Tee Forming Machine T-65B

T-DRILL Portable tee forming machine T-65B

The Heavy Duty T-DRILL T-65B is easy-to-use, low-noise cordless 28V Lithium-Ion TEE forming machine for professionals.

It is an ideal solution for making reducing tee joints in main run tube. It will give you a competitive advantage by eliminating costs caused by commercial T-fittings.

 Collaring Unit HFT-2000 SS


The HFT (Hand Feed Table) is used in conjunction with the Portable T-DRILL T-65 SS collaring machine, which is manually moved by the operator after each produced collar. Featuring easy pin-to-hole positioning, the unit is highly productive in standard manifold production.

This system is capable of producing collars of 17–51 mm in run tubes of 32–114mm. With this collaring unit you can produce five 51 mm collars in less than ten minutes without moving the tube. The HFT-2000 SS is designed for stainless steel manifold production, but can be used even for copper tubes just by changing the tooling.

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