F-170M Mobile Flanging Machine

Pipe diameters
: 48,3–168,3 mm / 1 1/2″–6″
Pipe material: Aluminium, Carbon steel, Copper, Stainless steel
Machine type: Industrial machines
Process: End forming

Most commonly used in:

F-170M Mobile Flanging Machine

T-DRILL F-170M is fully automatic flanging machine for job site or pipe fabrication shop. It saves both labour and material costs in new construction as well as in repair work.

Flanging by using T-DRILL method takes about one minute, whereas a similar process made by welding in stainless steel pipe takes up to one hour including the preparation. F-170M is able to flange tube ends up to 0.177” wall thickness.

F-170M Mobile Flanging Machine

F-170M Layout drawing

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Business Sector


 HVAC Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation Refrigeration Water Heating Solar Panels


 Engine Cooling Exhaust (Exhaust Circulation, Muffler, sensors) Brake and Fuel Air Conditioning Power Steering


 Naval Shipyard Civilian and Cargo Shipyard Repair Shipyard

Stainless Steel Enterprises

 Water Treatment Food, Dairy and Brewery Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Liquid Level and Flow Measurement Water Pumps/Boosters, Circulation

Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors

 Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors


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